You know the feeling.  You sometimes wake up in the middle of the night and wonder why it's so hard to talk to your spouse.  Maybe he or she is sleeping right next to you, yet you feel so very alone. 

You try to settle problems when they come up, but you wind up arguing, feeling lonely and misunderstood.  Nothing gets resolved.  You may feel hopeless, like you've tried everything.  Perhaps you even feel depressed and have trouble sleeping.  The problems in your marriage seem too big to tackle.  You and your spouse take care of so much in your lives - the kids, the house, your jobs - but somehow you've forgotten how to care for each other.

What I know is that it can be helpful to get input from an unbiased third party.  When you are hurting, you want fresh insight and solid, practical tools for changing your relationship.  It makes sense to seek out real knowledge about couples and relationships and how they work.  After all, our marriages don't come with an owner's manual!

I teach solid strategies for having the relationship you really want.  My name is Diana Walla, and I work with couples to help them reconnect, when life and its demands have them feeling miles apart.  If you can relate to the feelings described above, I'd like to help.  Call me at (903) 939-8187. and hope for struggling couples
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